o Stay at the scene. If your car is not in a safe place and you can move your vehicle, move it to a safe place as close as possible to the accident scene. 

o Call 911 for help if it is an emergency or if you or someone is injured. Check first with anyone in your car first, then move onto other vehicles involved. Call the local police if you have only sustained property damage. 

o Call the local police only if there is property damage and no one is injured. (Even for  minor accidents) 

o Exchange information will be on the accident report taken by the police. Get the police officer’s name, phone number, and the accident report number. If police are not available, exchange information. 

  1. Name and phone number 

  2. Insurance info (insurance company; policy number; agent name & phone  number) 

  3. License plate number 

  4. Driver’s license number 

o Take pictures of the damage (your vehicle and other(s) vehicles involved) o Be courteous and state only the facts. Do not discuss who was at fault and/or what could have caused the accident. 

o Is the vehicle drivable? Have your vehicle towed from the accident scene. In the Cedar  Falls/Waterloo and surrounding communities call Rasmussen Towing at (319) 277-3802 and have it towed to Anderson Collision at 516 Washington St, Cedar Falls Iowa 50613 

o Call your insurance company to report the claim. If the vehicle was towed to Anderson  Collision call us at (319) 277-5661 and we will assist you with car rental, scheduling your repair, etc. to minimize your inconvenience and maximize your satisfaction.